April 11, 2010

Simplifying Means Changing Your Life: Read Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

Simplying life means changing your lifestyle.  Changing the way you live isn't done in a day, and it isn't done successfully without some major internal alterations.

You have to change your attitude.  You have to change what you value.  You have to change the way you think.

For me, that means reading Joyce Meyer's Battlefield of the Mind and then re-reading it periodically.  You can even buy it as an ebook these days (Barnes & Nobles offers this version for $8.99; the paperback is a couple of dollars more, new.)

Yes, this is a Christian book.  Essentially, Joyce Meyer is telling you that the battle for your life is between your ears.  Lessons are provided, founded in Scripture, that teach you how to change the way that you think, to recognize and tear down strongholds in your thinking, to know what thoughts and thought patterns the devil uses to thwart you, and first and foremost, this book teaches you to start thinking about what you're thinking about.  To watch what and how you're thinking.

Using the 40 Years in the Wilderness, Battlefield of the Mind identifies "wilderness mentalities" that can be wrong ways of thinking - and instructs you on how to win the battle of getting those ways of thinking out of your head.

If you're ready for change, then you're ready for the fight.  Go buy Battlefield today.  Get a used copy to save money, but this isn't a book to check out from the library.  You'll want to have this as a life tool, something to take notes in -- something to go back and re-read every so often. 

It's that helpful, it's that good.


Gillian Barritt said...

Sometimes I find that having a list of Christian books to read fills me with stress. I have actually considered getting this as my friends appear to mention it often. She is a prolific writer and I have never read any of what Joyce Mayer has written. But I almost groan with the thought of my list perpetually getting longer and the simplicity of reading what I have been made more complicated and what of literature!!!! I do wish a space for literature too. How to manage reading? A complex thing!!!

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi Gillian,
I've got a big Books To Read pile too, LOL - and I just got back from going down to the library to pick up a hold over lunch -- and walked out with so many books, I almost needed a cart to make it out to the car! Oh, well. I love books, I love to read, sounds like you do, too.

Years back, driving around the county backroads visiting kids as part of my ad litem work, I got addicted to books on tape, or well CD or mp3 these days. I plow thru lots of books this way, but I can only go listen to certain kinds of books while driving: humor (I have Right Ho, Jeeves in the car right now); cozy mysteries; things like that.

I have a friend who listens to books while cleaning, and swears by it. I haven't tried this, but she claims that it spurs her to do more in the way of cleaning because she wants to get to the end of the chapter, etc. I can't get excited about doing this, but I plan on trying it out.

Meanwhile, before I get on a rabbit trail here LOL I am reading a book that is similar to Battlefield of the Mind and is organized to read day by day. It's The 4:8 Principle by Tommy Newberry and just like Joyce Meyer's Battlefield book, it's all about disciplining thoughts and being cognizant of what you're thinking, getting to that Philippians 4:8 "think on these things ..." pattern.

I'm about on day 5 of 4:8 and I like it. It is helping me.

LOL - I just realized that I've indirectly recommended another book to add to your pile! Just slap my face and call me silly!

Have a great week,
God bless,


Gillian Barritt said...

Hi Reba

following on
I try to make pledges that I will not buy another book, especially from online for a long period of time. I want to make inroads into the towering pile(and there is more that one pile) Then someone gives me a book..

I just want to say that I hope that your family and friends are OK with the storm situation. I guess it hasn't effected where you are but it must be very hard knowing the effect on America.
Kind regards

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