February 4, 2010

Warning: Are Toyotas Dangerous??? Sometimes, The Answer is Yes.

First, it was sudden acceleration problems caused by faulty gas pedals in Toyota vehicles (Toyota, Lexus). 

Then, there were reports about brakes malfunctioning in 2010 Prius hybrids, and now I'm reading about fingers being pointed at the electrical systems in Toyota cars, SUVs, and trucks (Lexus included here, too).

If you have a vehicle manufactured in the past few years by Toyota, then you need to take precautions here.  Seriously, when the Secretary of the Department of Transportation says don't drive these cars till they're fixed, then take heed. 

Additionally, I'm watching out for Toyota makes and models out on the roads, too.  May sound paranoid, but if a 2010 Prius hybrid is right on my tail, I'm changing lanes. 


Phil said...

Toyota did get themselves in a pickle, the gas pedal sticking down is not something that should have been over looked, is it.

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi Phil,

Pickle, indeed. I'm reading media reports that Toyota has been aware of the sticking acceleration pedal since 2002.

I'm waiting to learn what Toyota's explanation is for 8 years, and no resolution ....

Hey, and Phil, thanks for writing!!!

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