February 27, 2010

More Free TV Shows Online: IMDb Has Tons of Free Stuff to Watch

If you read my tweets, you know that I'm addicted to watching the reruns of Miami Vice -- in no small part, to see all the famous folk who show up in the episodes (long before they were famous).

Last night, for example, there was a very young Chris Rock with a pretty big role, but you know all the hoopla at the time was for guest star James Brown. Yes, that James Brown.

It was a great show - a real hoot - tho serious MV fans have labelled this episode ("Missing Hours") the worst of the series. Go figure.

And, when I was surfing around this morning to make sure I was right -- that young kid with the bad hairdo really WAS Chris Rock -- I discovered that you can watch a lot of old TV episodes for free at IMDb.com.

There's over 93 episodes of Miami Vice there for the watching at IMDb. I'm in ReRun Heaven.


DeeAnn said...

Don't forget to look for Viggo Mortensen in Miami Vice. It was one of his first roles.

Reba Kennedy said...

First - thanks for writing!

And, second, WOW! Yes, I saw Viggo a couple of weeks ago. The only way that I knew to watch for him was I saw his name in the opening credits. Good thing, otherwise I would never have known (until you wrote me today)....

Cuz Viggo wasn't there for very long, since he got blown up entering a hotel room doorway at the very start of the show, dying in Tubbs' arms.

Lou Diamond Philips was in that episode, too. Everytime I see him, I hear "La Bamba" in my head.

Such a hoot.

Thanks again for writing! Are you a MiamiVice ReRun fan, too?

Have a great week,

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