July 7, 2009

Daily Dose of Caffeine May Cure Alzheimer's

Here's an article for you: Daily Dose of Caffeine May Cure Alzheimers, Scientists Find.

And while this is good news if you're wanting reasons to justify your Starbucks purchases, it's not so good for your previous dedication to that daily glass of red wine. Oh well.

Heck, maybe it's better to be safe rather than sorry. Coffee AND wine? Problem solved.


pfstock said...

Wow, that is good news! But, I hope that you don't mean to mix the coffee and wine together in the same drink.

Rebecca said...

Hi Pfstock,
LOL ... nope, not gonna mix 'em. Funny! Thanks for writing!

Anonymous said...

Lol, better safe then sorry! Solving Alzheimers may actually be enjoyable :).

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi Amanda,

Yepper -- coffee in the morning, red wine in the evening.

Life is good.


Thanks for writing,

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