January 17, 2009

Goodbye to Circuit City: Are There Really Bargains at a Going Out of Business Sale?

Well, it's a sad read over at the Circuit City web site, where the company wishes its customers goodbye after being in business (previously as the Wards Companies) since 1949. Their farewell explains that almost 40,000 folk across the country are losing their jobs, and that liquidation managers have taken over running -- and liquidating -- the remaining Circuit City stores that are open.

Sad, sad. I always liked Circuit City. I found some really good deals there.

And, starting yesterday -- January 16th -- the clearance sales begin. Everything but personal checks will be accepted, and there are supposed to be some good buys to be had.

Of course, this liquidation is under the control of third parties, and if it's anything like the closing sales of Linens-n-Things, you are not going to find really great bargains here.

Apparently, the clearance prices are set by studies of the item's price history at the store. And, get this -- sometimes they actually mark UP the prices, so you would have got a better deal on the widget if you'd gone to buy it before the Going Out of Business sale began.

For a good explanation of all this, read the article over at The Morning Call.

Bottom line? Maybe you'll find a bargain. It's worth a walk through. It may not be worth a special trip.


Anonymous said...

I heard from someone who worked there that the liquidation people removed all the prices, then marked everything up 10%, then advertised a 10% off.

So sad.

Rebecca said...

Hi Anon,
Well thanks so much for this heads up -- and you're right. That's just SAD. And stupid.

Thanks for writing, too, Anon. You saved me a trip.


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