November 24, 2008

Have You Ever Thought about Shopping at a Pawn Shop?

Yeah, I know. Pawn shops always sound a little shady -- and there's always some sinister fact that reveals itself in a pawn shop everytime they pop up in any Law & Order episode I've ever seen.

Still, I've just learned that pawn shops not only sell used merchandise that is in perfectly good condition (they test it), but that they are a great place to buy jewelry (it's usually about 40% of what you'd pay at the swanky store) and they also offer new merchandise, too.

Plus, they've got things you might not think they have. Lawnmowers. Bicycles. Jigsaws.

So, while you're out and about this holiday season trying to think of ways to save on your shopping budget -- stroll through a pawn shop in your area. You might be tickled pink at what you find.

(Plus, reusing things that other people don't want is not only good for our throw-away environment, it's all part of that whole simplicity concept. So, wander over to that pawn shop feeling like the wise and savvy shopper that you are!)


Niki said...

I am a huge thrift store shopped but tend to shy away from pawn shops. I may have to give them a second chance.

Rebecca said...

Hi Niki,
Thanks for writing! I'm the same way ... and I also had the feeling before that I was somehow treading on another's bad time by going to a pawn shop.

I've changed that attitude, though, because I'm come to learn that lots of people see the pawn shop as place where they can sell or get rid of stuff they don't want, as well as getting fast cash on things that they have around the house.

Kinda like those Paycheck Loan places without the hidden interest rates and small print,I guess.

So, I've come around to thinking that pawn shops do provide a necessary service and I'm not feeling so guilty about investigating my local pawn shop for bargains.

Happy Thanksgiving!

DeeAnn said...

I have been shopping at pawn shops for a long time. When I used to trade CD's & Movies I always went to pawn stores first.

My DH has bought tools really cheap at pawn stores. I even have a pawn store I buy incense at.

I do feel bad sometimes that I am buying an item that was meaningful at one time.

I hate to see things go unloved when I know I will love & cherish it. I can give an item new history.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Rebecca said...

Hi DeeAnn,

Nice to hear with someone having actual experience shopping at pawn shops!

Here in San Antonio, I think we have a gazillion pawn shops -- there are lots around our military bases, and we have lots of them (Fort Sam Army, Randolph AF, etc.)

I haven't gone out on my Shopping Adventure yet, but I hear that lots of these shops near the bases/posts have great deals on electronics -- and the very same power tools you've mentioned.

As I wrote in my comment to Niki, I was feeling a little sad at the thought of buying something from a pawn shop ... but I'm getting better about that. And, I've learned that some of the things in the pawn shop are bittersweet items - someone's lost memory - others are things that people readily give up. I'm assuming that this might be connected to the type of item, and that jewelry might have more of a history than, say, a DVD player.

At least, this is what I'm telling myself! Now, watch - I'll go out on my first "mission" and there will be some poor child crying for his lost bike and I'll never get out of the car! LOL

Thanks for writing!

DeeAnn said...

Hi Rebecca!

Do hit your pawn stores. You will have the greatest time.

Jewelry is hard for me to buy also because of the sentimental reasons. I live in a fairly big town about the size of San Antonio but I keep thinking if I buy a piece of jewelry & I am wearing it out somebody will come running up to me & say that belonged to their Grandmother. I will feel horrible.

In my experience I know a lot of people sadly pawn items to buy drugs & alcohol. The pawn store owners have told me that is where 90% of their jewelry business comes from. Don't be afraid to buy it. Then it will be loved again.

Pawn stores are gold mines & the owners love it if you buy from them. A lot of times they will give you deals even if your a first time buyer.

I would be like that too if I heard a child crying for his bike. I couldn't get out of the car either, lol.

Most of the time you see a lot of kids trading their games & etc with their parent's. Pawn stores are great places to trade video games.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rebecca said...

Hi DeeAnn,
Thanks for the encouragement! I'm planning on my first trek this week, on a weekday afternoon ... should be interesting.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

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