September 1, 2008

Food Budget: Check Out MyGroceryDeals.Com

I've heard good things about this site, and while I haven't joined its membership yet, a quick surf through its contents sure looked good:

Search local weekly grocery deals fast and plan healthy meals. Make a grocery list of the best specials from the flyers, visit your local store and save!


Anonymous said...

I might be wary of this site, I entered my zip code and deals came up for two stores that aren't within fifty miles of us.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Anon.

When I tried this, I got "Randalls" - and I don't think there is a Randall's in all of San Antonio (tho I do know they are present in Austin, 70 miles north of here).

I did compare the info on this site regarding sales at HEB with what I actually saw at the store, and the info did seem current.

Some folk love this site, but it may not be for everyone, I guess.
I still haven't signed up for membership ....

Anonymous said...

Hi All:

I work for I came across this post and wanted to reply regarding the stores. When you type in your ZIP we include a list of store up to 70 miles away. That is because we have members that travel that far for work and shop at lunchtime. However, the store list is FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE, you can remove any of the stores that you don't shop at when you become a member.

We are always listening to our members, if you send us an email, we will respond with a personalized message. I respond to each email myself.

Hope that helps! Please visit and check us out.

MGD Cyndi

Anonymous said...

Hi MGD Cyndi,
Thank you for your comment.

BTW, I have a quick question on scrapping the websites. I know, BizRate and other sites scrape retail sites and show price comparison like you do for grocery stores. Do you have to have permission from these retail stores in order to scrape their websites?
Thanks, PG

Rebecca said...


First, thanks for writing.

Second, your question on permission sounds like a good one, but who knows if MGD Cyndi will read this comment here ... she's invited direct communication at the MyGroceryDeals website, so I'm thinking it might be cool if you wrote MGD Cyndi there, at her site....

And, let us know what happens!

Thanks again,

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