July 26, 2008

Personal Post 22: Dealing With A Computer Crash

This month, I dealt with not one but two back-to-back computer crashes. I learned a lot, and I'm glad it's over. For the next several posts, I'll be sharing what I discovered - posting both here and on my Writer-Lawyer blog.

While it's true that all this computer info may not directly deal with the issue of simplicity, you're here -- reading this -- via a computer and this info might be useful to you, someday (unless you have a Mac, of course). Plus, I've included lots of freebie information I discovered in here, and other things that do dovetail into the Simplicity Lifestyle.

Personally, I went surfing around and telephoning and visiting techs for a lot of this information over a period of panic-striken, stressful days and I'm hoping that someone, somewhere will stumble upon this series of posts and get some benefit from the info I've accumulated.

If you're dealing with a crash as you read this - hang in there. It will get better! This too shall pass!!

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