November 7, 2007

Free GOOD Grocery Coupons Online - List 4 U

After watching Jon & Kate Plus 8, and this amazing woman maximizing her food budget while not compromising on food quality, well -- first of all, I'm waiting to hear about when her book's coming out -- and second, it made me go and check out online coupons -- printable and otherwise.

Here's a list of sites offering free online coupons -- I haven't test-driven them yet, but I have culled thru them for the ones that look good:


This one looks good -- had coupons for hummus and low-fat mozzarela string cheese on the home page when I took a look. Which is great -- lots of coupons in the paper (and at some sites) offer food I won't buy.

Coupon Mom

Coupon Mom has collected lots of sites and info -- her page with printable grocery coupons had 72 when I tried it, and boy -- it had lots of stuff I already use. Wish I had this before I went to the grocery last week! And, this list was available to me without registration and without entering my zip code ....


This is a great site, too. Like Coupon Mom, it also provides somewhat of a hub - and it covers both the US and the UK - and things besides groceries: it has restaurants, travel, etc.. Big site.

But it also has its own coupons -- and there's lots of healthy, organic stuff to be had here. Plus, links to free coupons at places like Living Naturally and Organic Valley. These are good coupons, too -- $1 off 1/2 gallon of soy milk, things like that.

Thanks so much to Kate Gosselin -- I wouldn't have done this investigation if I had not watched her shop for her family of 10 in what appeared to be a Whole Foods .... For her list of household tips, check out the show's site here.


Sarah said...

I could be wrong, but I am almost 100% positive she was in a Giant Eagle (which is a PA-based grocery store chain). It is a nice store, even on the pricey side sometimes, making her savings even more impressive!

Rebecca said...

thanks -- down here in Texas, I've never seen or heard of a Giant Eagle store ... but sure makes sense, since they live in PA! My bad.

And, you're so right: the pricier the store, the more impressive the savings.

They had a rerun of the show where she shopped, and this time I caught John calculating that she was feeding everyone on 15 dollars a week.

Wow, wow, wow. That is amazing.

Amani said...

I love to use online grocery coupons.!! These sites are my favorite too.

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