June 11, 2007

Site to See: The Slow Cook

Here's a great read for you: The Slow Cook, a blog combining all sorts of great information. Not the least of which, due to the generosity of its author, is the gift of his award-winning recipe for green beans.

Yep, green beans -- cooked for an unbelievably long time, and with bacon fat. One reason this blog is so great: after reading the background on the recipe, you won't feel one bit guilty about eating these beans, bacon fat and all!

And, by the way, this isn't just any recipe: we're talking one of Houghton-Mifflin's 150 Best American Recipes. Ever.

The slaw recipe looks pretty darn good, too.

The blog's up for Best Food Blog over at Blogger's Choice, if you're the voting type. But, there's lots more than just food talk here. I think you'll enjoy it.


Ed Bruske said...

Thanks so much for the notice, Rebecca. I'm happy at last to be involved in this very worthy corner of the blogosphere...

Anonymous said...

I'll second that ed said.. a wonderful link, one of many you've shared. I hope you continue, I'm richer for your efforts. Many thanks!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the encouragement from you both! It's very much appreciated over here!