January 1, 2007

Foods to Avoid

Here's a list of the top ten foods to avoid, according to Dr. Ted Broer:

1. Pork/High Fat Luncheon Meats
2. Shellfish
3. Margarine/Hydrogenated Oils
4. Aspartame / Nutrasweet
5. Junk Food
6. MSG
7. Chlorine / Flouride
8. High Fat Dairy Products
9. Caffeine
10. Alcohol

Dr. Mercola would add that everyone should avoid overconsumption of grains, potatoes, sweets, and other starchy and sugary foods. This impacts negatively on insulin production, resulting in obesity, diabetes, and more. He's particularly focused upon avoiding grains because in many cases, there is the danger of acrylamide consumption, which is toxic. Eat grains rarely, avoid wheat, and always buy organic.

Dr. Mercola would also include Splenda along with Aspartame on the list of foods to avoid. He considers it as dangerous, if not more so, as Nutrasweet. Poison.

Mike Adams would say don't eat any processed meats, not just the high-fat ones. He has a great book, Grocery Warning, as well as a fantastic website and newsletter (free) at his site, NewsTarget. More than can be put in this posting, the summary of studies linking sodium nitrite (hot dogs, sandwich meat, pepperoni) to cancer alone is worth the read.

1 comment:

LH said...

Sounds about right to me.
Now if I can just stop nibbling on this Holiday Caramel Corn I think it would be a huge improvement.

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