April 20, 2006

Judge Rickhoff's Blog

Recently, I assisted in the formation of a blog to be used locally as a community service. It's the blog of Judge Tom Rickhoff, and contains lots of good information for seniors - including an expanding links list. Organizations like AARP and the Bexar County Gold Pages are listed, along with more legal-specific sites like the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys.

The blog will also grow to include articles from probate professionals on various aspects of elder/senior issues; mental health concerns; guardianship matters, and the like.

Since both the links and the articles should be helpful to an audience larger than Bexar County, and wider than that of probate professionals, I'm sharing it here.

1 comment:

Kansas Simplicity said...

Cool..I support the elder care issues having an older parent and a second son fund for elderly people in my mother's community that is organized by the Mennonites. Thanks for sharing the links as I am sure to read them as working through Medicare Part D, health issues and preventing some of the scams for the elderly is one of my goals.

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