March 3, 2006

Tea, Yes; Sodas, No

Tea hasn't been called the "Wine of the South" without reason. Here in Texas (where we consider ourselves Southern when it suits us), tea has long been a staple in the kitchen. Usually, it's kept cold in the fridge, and served over ice in glasses. Lemon wedges on the side. And, the tea is sweet. Sweet tea is the general rule.

As for simple living, tea is a good idea. It's simple and smart. Filled with antioxidants, economical to make, and with stevia as the sweetener in lieu of granulated sugar, it's healthy for you and good on the budget. In competition with sodas, tea wins hands down. Green or black.

When the research is reviewed on the benefits of tea, and then compared to that compiled for sodas - which are rapidly becoming known as "liquid candy" - tea seems to be the optimal choice for home consumption.

My version: three big bags of decaffienated black tea combined with a three small bags of green tea (also, decaffienated) in a teapot, with a spoon or knife to take the heat; boiling water poured to the top and steeped for ten to twenty minutes; then, poured into a huge pitcher that has a lid, water added together with stevia to taste and some lemon juice, maybe a wedge or two. Lasts a couple of days.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I am enjoying your site. I'm also a San Antonio fan of sweet tea, but would like to find a good sweetener instead of the organic sugar I currently use. I tried stevia once (faily expensive purchase) and found it disgustingly bitter--I haven't tried it since. Can you recomend a particular brand that doesn't have the bitter taste?

Rebecca said...

Yes, I can, Anonymous. I seek out the KAL brand of stevia, in powdered form. White and red label. It's the only one that I'll use.

Here in San Antonio, I've been known to travel to more than one Sun Harvest, seeking it out. Apparently, lots of folk prefer this brand, since it gets sold out regularly - leaving the green boxes and the brown bottles setting there on the shelf.

And, I agree - it's an expensive price tag. However, one bottle lasts me so long that while I haven't done the math, I'm thinking it's somewhat of a good deal, over time.

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