March 23, 2006

Food as Medicine - 2

Aloe vera is amazing. You grow the spiky cacti at home, cut off a spike whenever there's a cut or some sunburn.

But did you know aloe vera can help with arthritis as well as with intestinal problems, including ulcers? Psoriasis is also benefited by aloe vera, as is shingles. Warts. Heartburn, too.

Just rub the gel from a spike onto your painful outer area (arthritic knuckle, scrapped knee) and drink the juice for the internal pain.

How much juice? That depends on what you're addressing. Dr. Weil suggests starting at 1 tablespoon after meals for some things, and the WholeHealth doctors think one-half cup in the morning, and again in the evening, is good for some others.

Also, check the juice for quality. None of the options are expensive, but some have higher aloe content than others. Always insure that "aloe vera" is the first ingredient on the list.



Anonymous said...

Buy pure 100% aloe vera juice or gel at the health food store and dilute it to drink, apply full strength if you don't have a plant.

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chong said...


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