February 28, 2006

Vinegar's Unbelievable Variety of Uses

That plain, white, cheap vinegar you can pick up at the grocery has an unbelievable amount of uses around the home. Why? Vinegar is a natural germ-killer. The Heinz Company has produced research studies showing that white vinegar will kill 99% of the bacteria, 82% of the mold, and 80% of the germs it contacts. And, it's natural, biodegradeable, and safe for kids and pets.

How to use it? Use it straight to clean toilet bowls as well as kitchen cutting boards and countertops (let all set for 30 minutes, then rinse). Put a bottle into the washer and let a cycle run. Clean windows with a spray bottle filled with a dollop of vinegar to a bunch of water (10% vinegar, 90% water).

In gardening, vinegar is amazing. Put it out in a jar top, and the bugs run. Put a teaspoon in the vase water, cut flowers last longer.

There's lots more at about.com, 131 Uses for Vinegar.


Vinegar Uses said...

I always like to add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar to my bath in order to relieve my dry and sunburnt skin in summer.

Vinegar Uses said...

It is important to a lot of people in the current day and age to live as green as possible.

There are a number of common household products like vinegar that you can use to clean your home of office without using chemicals.

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi Vinegar Uses,

Yepper, I've posted several times over the years about the wonders of vinegar - cleaning, health - and it's nice to see that you've dedicated so much of your web site to it!

Thanks for writing,

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