January 20, 2006

Stop Osteoporosis With Sunshine

Your body will create enough Vitamin D for itself, if you will give it 15 minutes of sunshine, three times a week. Without sufficient Vitamin D, you risk osteoporosis if you're an adult, and rickets if you're a child. In America, many people can't (read that won't) get themselves outdoors to even meet this minimal need - so practitioners like Dr. Andrew Weil are recommending supplements at 1000 mg or more of Vitamin D to meet the insufficiency. Sunshine is free.

Source: MedlinePlus, Dr.Weil.Com.


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Anonymous said...

Oh, please! Don't you know yet that medications are toxic to the liver and create all kinds of other destructive side effects? Especially over time.

Natural sunlight is healing -- do the research. And it is not harming if you have a good nutritional base.

As for headaches, you can use pressure points, drink some (more) pure water, stretch away tensions & other natural means. Headaches are a sign something's wrong, so don't medicate it!

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