January 19, 2006

Reuse Pretty Bottles

Those pretty, and empty, glass perfume bottles (as well as cool wine bottles, etc.) can have a new life providing light - clean them well, then fill with oil and a wick. Nice.

How to do this: use funnel to fill the clean glass bottle with lamp oil. Put the wick in the bottle, with the end of the wick placed into the oil. Let this sit for a bit (15 minutes is fine) and then light the top of the wick. Nylon wicks last lots longer than a standard candle wick - you can expect about 6 hours of light for each ounce of oil.

Cost? A 48 ounce bottle of ultra pure lamp oil (various colors are offered) sells for $8.99 at Lamplight Farms. Nylon wicks are of nominal cost at your local craft store.

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