January 11, 2006

Homemade Dog Food

It's cheaper and smarter to make your own pet food rather than buy the commercial products. There are several sites with dog food recipes, including: PetGrub, Ehow.com, and Natural Recipes. For those dogs that don't like their veggies, try putting some of the cooked meat together with the cooked veggies in the processor (unless you like chopping a lot) and make a hash from it. Works every time ....

Why avoid commercial pet foods? Check what the veterinary professors relate at nzymes.com and Shirley'sWellnessCafe.


blogdog said...

Hey Rebecca --

Thanks for the shout-out referring to my homemade dog treats site!

--karen at StarislesBeardies

Mr. J said...

As someone that makes their own pet food I really enjoy your post on making your own with different sites and different recipes.

Mr. J said...

As someone that makes their dog food at home I appreciate the sites with new recipes. I just posted the recipe I use for our dogs on my blog.

Reba Kennedy said...

Mr. J,

Thanks for writing - and for sharing your homemade dog food recipe! Great idea on baking individual servings and having them at the ready for meal time.

This morning, I was thinking once again what a blessing it is that I started feeding my pups with homemade food instead of the stuff off the shelf.

Their coats are shiny, their fur is a thicker coat than it's ever been before, they are clear-eyed, no visible signs of tartar on their teeth, and they're just filled with pep.

I think having better quality food has made all the difference here.

Thanks again for writing,

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