January 17, 2006

Free Software That's Safe

Free software that's safe? Yep - and there's a lot of it over at Bill Gates' site, Microsoft Windows' Download Center.

Among the many options found there are:

- The Malicious Software Removal Tool

- Anti-Spyware Tool


Jackie said...

Don't forget the openoffice suite (at openoffice.org)

Suz said...

Excellent free antivirus software - AVG Anti-virus Free Edition - for home users can be downloaded at http://free.grisoft.com/doc/1/lng/us/tpl/v5

I've had this on my PC for more than a year; everytime I go online it updates itself automatically. Wonderful program!

I use the free version of Zone Alarm firewall protection - see http://www.zonelabs.com

Anonymous said...

I use Openoffice --BEWARE. I ordered the backup disc from Think-All Publishing from the sidebar advertising when I downloaded the free Openoffice and when I got the disc, I also got 3 other open-source programs that I didn't ask for, didn't want, didn't need. Now, I get 4+ programs every month charged to my credit card, amounts from $15.95 to $49.95. I have complained to
the Postal Service, the FTC, etc. BEWARE!!!! Don't give the Openoffice people your credit card number!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've read many emails about Think-All: the story is that they free open-source software (FOSS) like OpenOffice, repackage it, then doing repeat billings, much as you claim about.
They're not thought of too highly on the FOSS world. Don't get them confused with the real openoffice.org

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